PeopleFirst is an unprecedented collaboration of business, government, academic and civic leaders dedicated to strengthening Memphis and Shelby County’s cradle-to-career pipeline.

Spearheaded by a nonprofit, 501c3 organization called the PeopleFirst Partnership, the PeopleFirst agenda is a portfolio of initiatives anchored by four goals, ten strategies and key performance metrics.

Goal A: Children enter kindergarten ‘ready to learn’

  • Strategy One: Early Parenting Support.
  • Strategy Two: High-Quality Early Learning.

Goal B: Students graduate high school ‘college and career ready’

  • Strategy Three: Effective Teachers and Leaders.
  • Strategy Four: Instructional Reform and Higher Standards.
  • Strategy Five: High Priority Schools Turnaround.
  • Strategy Six: Third Grade Literacy Proficiency.
  • Strategy Seven: Student Attendance.
  • Strategy Eight: Post-Secondary Preparation and Access, and Career Readiness

Goal C: Adults earn degrees and certifications that prepare for local careers

  • Strategy Nine: Post-Secondary Access, Completion and Industry-Driven Workforce Development.

Goal D. Talent is attracted to and retained in Shelby County

  • Strategy Ten: Talent Engagement and Recruitment.

The Partnership advances its portfolio in five ways:

  • Accelerate: Secure resources to expand what’s working.
  • Initiate: Launch new solutions where there are gaps
  • Advocate:  Drive policy change and investment.
  • Collaborate: Build alignment and coordinate resources around vision, strategies, policies.
  • Educate:  Foster awareness and greater learning around “cradle to career” key issues.